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The Wicker 2 U delivery service provides safe delivery of medicines to your home offering peace of mind, at a reasonable price.

✓ We deliver Monday to Saturday (including Mon-Fri evenings)
✓ We can deliver the same day (if its urgent and your prescriptions arrive before 3pm)
✓ Our delivery drivers are DBS checked and are employed by us (we don’t use agencies).
✓ Our delivery drivers are dementia friends
✓ We still deliver when it snows

Wicker Pharmacy is the trading name of Associated Chemists (Wicker) Ltd, an independent pharmacy that was set up to serve the people of Sheffield in January 1952 and has been open every day since. The company is employee-owned.

To join this service, please complete the information below.

    I would like Wicker Pharmacy to (please tick):

    Remind me to order my meds: phone, text or e- mail me every four weeks to remind me to check if I require repeat items and that I need to re-order these from my surgery.
    Order my meds: order my repeat prescriptions on my behalf from my surgery. (only available if surgery accepts pharmacy ordering)
    Remind me to collect my meds: Please let me know when my items are ready to be collected from Wicker Pharmacy: (please tick one)

    by text
    by phone
    by email

    Deliver my medication to my home or place of work or other chosen address within Sheffield. I understand this is a service I have to pay for if my repeat prescriptions are less than 5 items. The charge for this service is £3 per delivery (£6 to non-regular customers). Please note – MoT (Blister Pack) customers receive one free delivery per week.

    Patient’s Details:

    Doctor's Details:

    Prescription Charges:

    Exemption Details:

    Not applicableA - Is 60 years of age or over or is under 16 years of ageB - Is 16, 17 or 18 and in full-time educationC - Has a valid maternity exemption certificateD - Has a valid medical exemption certificateE - Has a valid prescription pre-payment certificateF - Has a valid exemption certificate issued by Ministry of DefenceG - Is named on a current HC2 (full help) certificateH - Income Support or income-related Employment and Support AllowanceI - Income-based Jobseeker’s AllowanceJ - Tax Credit exemption certificateK - Pension Credit Guarantee Credit (including partners)L - Universal Credit and meets the criteria. Find out more at www.nhsbsa.nhs.uk/UC

    Exemption Declaration:


    Sign prescription charge exemption forms on my behalf.
    Collect (either in person, via the postal service or, where available, electronically) prescriptions from my surgery.

    NHS Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) – Patient Nomination Request

    I agree to allow Wicker Pharmacy to electronically collect my prescriptions from my surgery and that this means all my electronic prescriptions will automatically be sent to Wicker Pharmacy for collection or delivery.
    I understand the above overview of EPS and “nomination”.
    I understand that EPS is an NHS-funded service and the Prescription Collection and Delivery Service is a separate service run by the Wicker pharmacy.
    I confirm that I have made my nomination of my own free will and have not been influenced or given a gift to select a particular nomination.
    Should my exempt status change I will inform Wicker Pharmacy of this change and, if necessary, pay the prescription charges required.

    Summary Care Record:

    I give permission for the pharmacist or pharmacy technician to access and view my Summary Care Record if needed during the course of my care.