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Meds-on-Time (“Nomad” packs)

What is the Meds-on-Time service?

In order to provide help to patients in the community who are experiencing difficulties in managing their medication regime, we have developed our Wicker Meds-on-Time department. Here we can arrange home visits to discuss medication and then, where appropriate, we dispense the drugs into monitored dosage systems. This packaging system divides a patient’s medication in to time-specific blister, ensuring the patient takes the right medicines at the right time. We can provide medication reminder charts and medication administration record charts, if required.


Assembled by on-sight robots, dispensed by caring humans

Our fast and efficient pharmacy robot dispenses the medication into the packs, meaning that we now have the capacity to serve more patients in our city. We have a passionate and dedicated team specifically focused on our Meds-on-Time and care home services.


What is the cost of this service?

The Meds-on-Time service is free for patients who have a weekly nomad prescription from their GP and we can deliver them to your door- weekly. Where a surgery is unable to authorise 7-day prescriptions, we can offer a paid service, currently at a charge of £20 per month.

If you have any questions regarding our Meds-on-Time service, or think this service could be useful for you, please contact our dedicated MOT team at, or phone 0114 253 6888.

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