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Contraception Management Service

Wicker Pharmacy is working closely with the NHS to provide the NHS Contraception Management Service in Sheffield. This service makes it easier for you to manage using your contraceptive pill. Instead of waiting for a GP appointment, you can visit Wicker Pharmacy, at a time that suits you, and get the same expert advice in confidence. If you have already been prescribed contraception and it is already in use, our pharmacists will also be able to provide you with your next supply.

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What is the contraceptive pill?

Oral contraceptives are tablets that contain certain female hormones to prevent a woman from getting pregnant. There are two main types of the contraceptive pill:

The combined oral contraceptive pill (COC) also known as“the pill”

This contains two hormones called oestrogen and progesterone. This is a very effective form of contraception that works in three ways:

  • – Stops you from producing an egg.
  • – Makes it harder for sperm to get into the womb.
  • – Thins the womb lining making egg implantation less likely.


When taking a combined pill, you usually take one pill and day for three weeks and then give yourself a 7-day break when you will have a period.

The progesterone-only pill (POP) also known as the “mini-pill”

POPs work in two ways:

  • – Stops you from producing an egg.
  • – Makes it harder for sperm to get into the womb.


If you use a mini-pill you will take one tablet a day without a break.


Contraception Management Service in Sheffield


We conduct all our contraceptive appointments in our private consultation rooms at our pharmacy in Sheffield. Here, you’ll have a brief consultation with a trained pharmacist. They will ask
you the same sort of questions as your GP would ask and may also carry out some checks – such as taking your blood pressure, and weight, and asking about your medical history. Our pharmacist may also discuss any concerns you have. For example, if you have noticed any side effects from your contraception. If you have noticed any side effects, the pharmacist will be able to help identify ways of managing these and, if needed, refer you to your GP or sexual health clinic for further support.


Why get my contraceptive pill from Wicker Pharmacy?

Going direct to your pharmacy for your oral contraceptives gives you a number of benefits:

  • – GPs are busy: you’re likely to get an appointment more quickly with your pharmacist
  • – More convenient times for you: we are open 7 days a week!
  • – Avoid the doctor’s waiting room: your GP is invariably running late
  • – Plus we are conveniently located in Wicker, Sheffield.


Who can use the Contraception Management Service in Sheffield

You can use the service if:

  • – you need your next supply of contraception
  • – you are happy to take part in this new NHS service/project

Contraception Management Service in Sheffield

How do I book this service?

At Wicker Pharmacy in Sheffield, you can book an oral contraception management appointment online through our booking calendar. Please note that will need to fill in a few questions before booking. The time the consultation takes, and the time you wait between the consultation and getting your next supply, will depend on your individual needs. The pharmacist will always be able to advise and support you. Please contact us to find out more or simply book your appointment using the calendar below:



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