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Wrist splints are designed to offer wrist support and can help with conditions such as Carpal tunnel syndrome, where pressure is put on a nerve in your wrist. This can cause pain, numbness, and tingling in your fingers and hand.

This affects your median nerve, which goes through your wrist and passes through the carpal tunnel. If there is any swelling in your wrist, it can cause the tunnel to be squeezed and it then pinches your median nerve, causing your symptoms.

Surgery may be needed for more severe cases of carpal tunnel syndrome, however, if caught early, there are simpler options like a wrist support which can make a difference to patient’s lives.


How can a splint help?

A wrist splint is worn on your hand and will help to keep your wrist straight. This will help to relieve any pressure on the nerve and you wear it at night while you sleep. You will normally need to wear this for at least 4 weeks before you start to see results.

As most people tend to bend their wrists when they sleep, it can put pressure on the median nerve. Therefore, a support can help because it will keep your wrist in a straight position.

You could find wearing a brace during the day helps too, and especially during any activities that normally trigger your symptoms. Any extra strain or repeated motions on your wrist could make symptoms worse.


What can Wicker Pharmacy do for you?

The Wicker Pharmacy Carpal tunnel wrist splint service helps patients manage their carpal tunnel syndrome, by providing support and comfort. Your GP can provide NHS vouchers for splints and Wicker will help to shape and fit them for you. We also provide private services where supports can be purchased from us. Our staff will make sure you have the right size and fit for your wrist.

To learn more and to arrange a fitting, please contact us.