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Truss Fitting

What is a Truss used for?

A hernia truss is an undergarment support mainly for men, which is designed to relieve discomfort and keep the protruding tissue in place. An inguinal hernia occurs when tissue, for example, part of the intestine, protrudes through a tear or weak point in the abdominal muscles. This can be painful when you bend over, lift a heavy object or even cough. Trusses are normally used for Inguinal and scrotal hernias, which are more common in men. We also provide umbilical trusses, to support umbilical hernias, which are available for women and men.


How can Wicker Pharmacy help?

Wicker Pharmacy have experienced and trained staff to aid with fitting a truss. We offer prescription or private truss services and this is all done with complete discretion in our private consultation room. Our staff will assess and fit the truss based on your needs, with the aim to help you live a normal life. This is an appointment only service, therefore please contact us on (0114) 2727676 to arrange an appointment.


How do I wear the truss?

Our staff will arrange the truss and will show you how to reduce your hernia. Following your fitting, these instructions are important for continued truss benefits;

– The truss needs to be worn throughout the day and fitted before getting out of
bed in the morning.

– Before applying the truss, the hernia must be returned into the body as advised by Wicker staff.

– Wear the truss against your skin, as over clothing it may slip and not
control the hernia.

– Remove the truss at night, unless you have a bad cough.

– Look after your skin well, as this will help to reduce chafing and sore areas.

Contact Wicker Pharmacy now for more information and to book a truss fitting.