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Emergency Contraception

If you have had unprotected sex or you think the condom split during sex, then you may need emergency contraception. Emergency Hormonal Contraception (More commonly known as the ‘Morning After Pill’) is available for purchase from Wicker Pharmacy and is available free of charge via an NHS funded service.

It can be taken up to 120 hours (5 days) after unprotected sex – however, the earlier the better. Please note that the pharmacist will have a confidential discussion with you first to make sure this is the correct course of action to take. In the discussion, the pharmacist will assess the suitability of emergency contraception for you and can advise you on the risks of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) as well as providing information about what to do in the long term, such as considering options for ongoing contraception.

NHS self-test STI screening is available here.

Pregnancy Testing

A small urine sample (preferably taken first thing in a morning) is required. The test takes about 10 minutes. The result is 99% accurate and will detect a normal pregnancy up to 3 days before the first missed period. Home tests are also available.