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Needlewaste and Exchange

What is the Needle Exchange service?

The aim of needle exchange schemes is to provide clean injecting equipment and advice on safer drug use and healthier lifestyles. Injecting drugs is risky, because dirty needles can cause infections. People who inject are encouraged to make sure that all aspects of their injecting process are as clean and sterile as possible.

In an effort to limit the spread of blood borne viruses, we operate a needle exchange scheme. This provides injecting drug users with clean needles and other paraphernalia, reducing the risk of infection. All used items are placed in tamperproof “sharps” burn bins and incinerated. If you find an unidentified needle or syringe, DO NOT attempt to dispose of it yourself. Call Streetforce on (0114) 273 4567 who will arrange for the disposal of the item in question.

Wicker Pharmacy is involved in the scheme to provide a free, safe and confidential service, encouraging the return of used equipment for safe disposal.

If you need to access this, please contact us or visit us in pharmacy.